Brother and sister.

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Brother and sister., originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

David's sister graduated from the physician's assistant program today - congratulations Becky!
Not only did I get some great pics of her, but I managed to get some pics of the kids together, too. Don't they look sweet together?


hold my shark

Smudgerson, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

My lil sister's cat, Smudgy McSmudgerson, does not want her picture
taken with my iPhone!

World's smallest shop vac

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World's smallest shop vac, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

Courtesy of my tiny local walmart and my beloved iPhone. Why would u
buy such a tiny Shop Vac?!


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Intensity, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

This was the view when we can out of Target the other night-
completely otherworldly!

Shades of blue

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Shades of blue, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

Enjoying a beautiful day at Giant City, I managed to photograph some dragonflies. Not an easy task, though - it was hot and they did not want to hold still. This will be my last weekend of leisure, though, on Monday I start a new job!

Jun. 10th, 2008

hold my shark
I'm not dead, just busy. I feel like I've been trying to catch up these last few weeks with little to no success.

But, tomorrow I have a job interview with a local law firm! And I really, really hope I do well. I could definitely use a job.

Also, happy early bday to eater_of_foods! Abby told me to tell you that "you look like a monkey and smell like one too"!

Down in the dirt.

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Down in the dirt., originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

Things have been crazy busy 'round here. This is the first time I managed to get my camera out in forever - I missed it.

Don't climb the sculpture, eater_of_foods!

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Don't climb the sculpture!, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

Proving that, once and again, he cannot follow directions or resist giant kitties!

Pink lady

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Pink lady, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

The irises were in bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden - there were hundreds of different kinds!

Pooky's new shoes

hold my shark

Pooky's new shoes, originally uploaded by chymerikaen.

I went shopping with the lil pig today. She got some great deals
including these Crocs that she'd been wanting! Taken with my iPhone.

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